Thank you for giving the gift of health this past Christmas!

The Christmas Radiothon & Digital Stream focused on the most urgent needs of our healthcare community.

In 2020, the Foundation will be focusing on COVID-19 related upgrades including facility needs for both the Lloydminster Hospital and our local Long-Term Care.

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$100 each

Taking care of our seniors is now more important than ever! Our long-term care facilities are in need of much-needed upgrades and this is the perfect opportunity to support them.


$600 – $1000 each

Did you know that they call senior living units cottages? Why not support a whole cottage of 6 – 10 seniors at $100 for each senior?!


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Lloydminster Health’s Christmas Wish List 2020

Upgrade Lab Equipment -$50,000 | Having a lab full of great technology makes a significant difference in enhancing healthcare in Lloydminster and around the region. Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, the hospital has seen an increased need to upgrade lab equipment for quicker access to the provincial healthcare hub.

New Defibrillators (4) -$17,700 for each Defibrillator | Defibrillators are commonly used equipment at the Lloydminster Hospital, and they need more. Following the COVID-19 Pandemic and the hospital has undergone many different structural changes including departments requiring their own equipment to create a clear separation between positive and negative patient equipment.

Professional Development Fund for Respiratory Therapists -$10,000 | As you can imagine, the Respiratory Therapists role at the Lloydminster Hospital has become more important than ever before. Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in the need for special respiratory training for staff as we have yet to discover the long-term effects of the Coronavirus.

New Ice Machines (5) -$7,000 for each machine | Ice machines are a big part of the healthcare experience. Everyone shares an experience of serving up or even chewing on those ice chips ourselves. New ice machines have been requested at the Lloydminster Hospital and all the Long-Term care facilities and we would love to serve up that cold comfort.

Towel Warmers (4) -$6,750 for each warmer | Those warm blankets are a touch of comfort, not to mention the warm towels increase blood flow, reduce swelling, relieve pain, and assist in respiratory infections making them necessary for our medical staff to use with patients.

New Visiting Rooms (4) -$5,000 for each room | Long Term Care Facilities in Lloydminster and across the region have changed the way they have to operate due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. With newly structured visiting formats, items like new safe-grade furniture are required for visiting rooms. With a variety of long-term care facilities across our community, we have numerous new rooms to setup so our patients and seniors can safely have guests visit.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (machines) (8) -$4,000.00for each machine | We all need oxygen to live and with new regulations at long-term care facilities due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we’ve had to source new ways to ensure our seniors are receiving the best care in the safety of their own room with portable options.

Christmas Flower Arrangements (8) -$150.00 for each arrangement | Christmas is looking a little different this year for those who stay in long-term care facilities and we would like to brighten up their space. For those staying throughout the holidays due to their safety, we would like to provide them with beautiful arrangements, two to each long-term care facility

Previous Years

2nd Annual | Lloydminster’s Gift to Health

On December 15, 2020, Lloydminster Region Health Foundation hosted their Radiothon and Digital Live Stream “Lloydminster’s Gift to Health” in response to the need for many new facility upgrades at the Lloydminster Hospital and Long-Term Care Homes. In just 12 hours the Health Foundation who started the day with the goal of raising $200,000 raised more than $350,000 thanks to the incredibly inspiring community we live in.


1st Annual | Lloydminster’s Gift to the Hospital

On December 3, 2019, Lloydminster Region Health Foundation hosted their very first Radiothon and Digital Live Stream “Lloydminster’s Gift to the Hospital” in response to the need for a new pharmaceutical system at the Lloydminster Hospital. In just one day the Health Foundation raised $53,780 for health right here in Lloydminster.