18th Annual Health Foundation Gala

Fabulous Fifties   |   A Step Back in Time


Thank you to all those who made this evening a success! $135,00 was raised towards Project Sunrise, a mental health initiative in our community. Project Sunrise was developed in 2014, thanks to the initial donation from Richard and Barbare Klinger as an important pillar within the Foundation’s fundraising programs. Since its development, the need for Project Sunrise has become even greater. Our goal is to build a million-dollar endowment that will ensure the project goals can be met, sustained and developed not just for today, but for tomorrow.  Ensuring that every resident of our community has the hope for another sunrise. We are one step closer thanks to those who sponsored and attended the 18th Annual Foundation Gala.

Learn More about Project Sunrise here.

Gala Photos Are Here!

Thanks to our photography sponsors, Noyce Photography and Don Whiting Photography, for providing their services at the Gala.

If you would like to purchase a fully edited print from this gallery, please contact Noyce Photography at 306-825-4240 or email nicole@noycephotography.com.
If you would like to purchase a fully edited print from this gallery, please contact Don Whiting Photography at 306-825-3584.

Past Years


Havana Nights


Fabulous Fifties

This year we look to Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra for fashion inspiration as we towards enhancing healthcare for our community. All proceeds to Project Sunrise: A Mental Health Initiative. Thank you to our many amazing sponsors, volunteers, and attendees once again!


Mission Possible

Your mission should you choose to accept it… All proceeds from the 2017 Health Gala will help support Project Sunrise; a mental health initiative for our community. Thank you to our many amazing sponsors, volunteers, and attendees for your tremendous support!


Heroes Among Us

October 21, 2016 we celebrated the “Heroes Among Us” – While celebrating our local healthcare heroes funds were raised to support significant upgrades to the Lloydminster Renal Dialysis Program.


Cirque des Reves

The 15th Annual Health Foundation Gala proceeds supported significant improvements to the Dialysis Department at the Lloydminster Hospital.


Fire & Ice

An icy blue atmosphere with cool jazz music warmed up with red hot energy as the night wore on. This year’s fundraiser supported a long list of items enhancing Senior’s Care in the Lloydminster Region.

Established in 2001 the Annual Health Foundation Gala is one of the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation’s premiere fundraising events. Because of your support, since its inception, the Gala has raised over 3 Million Dollars to enhance healthcare in our community.

17th Annual “Mission Possible” Gala featuring Brett Kissel
$120,000 – Project Sunrise

16th Annual “Heroes Among Us” Gala
$130,000 – Renal Dialysis Department

15th Annual “Cirque des Reves” Gala featuring The Famous Players Band
$103,000 – Renal Dialysis Department

14th Annual “Fire & Ice” Gala featuring The Famous Players Band
$335,000 – Seniors Care

13th Annual “1920’s – A Gatsby Adventure” Gala featuring the Matt Dusk Band
$325,000 – Primary Healthcare Centre

12th Annual “World of Wonder” Gala featuring Honeymoon Suite
$260,000 – Intensive Care Unit

11th Annual “Royal Masquerade Ball” Gala featuring Chantal Kreviazuk
$207,800 – Maternity Department

10th Annual “Old Hollywood’ Gala featuring Jully Black
$205,000 – Heart Health Initiative

9th Annual “Las Vegas” Gala featuring Alfie Zappacosta
$140,700 – Long Term Care

8th Annual “Winter Wonderland” Gala featuring Colin James
$146,300 – Mammography Program

7th Annual “New York, New York” Gala featuring Sophie Milman
$147,000 – Orthopedic Program

6th Annual “Paris” Gala featuring Matt Dusk
$145,300 – Maternity Department

5th Annual “Spanish” Gala featuring Alannah Miles
$100,000 – ER Department

4th Annual “Asian” Gala featuring Sass Jordan
$80,600 – Maternity Department

3rd Annual Gala featuring The Jim Cuddy Band
$44,500 – Surgical Program

2nd Annual Gala featuring Sass Jordan
$31,000 Hospital Enhancements

1st Annual Gala featuring Jan Arden
$42,500 – X-Ray Department