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Major Projects & Campaigns

The Lloydminster Region Health Foundation focuses on many different areas of healthcare supporting initiatives and programs across the community of all sizes.

Our major projects and campaigns are focused on large community goals to enhance healthcare across our region.

Project Sunrise

Our region has experienced an epidemic of mental health concerns including a rise in stress-related illnesses and an alarming number of suicides. As a community, we can, and we must do a better job of addressing and seeking solutions to this crisis. Our solution is Project Sunrise. Project Sunrise builds up mental health capacity and resources in the Lloydminster community to ensure that every resident has the hope for another sunrise.

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Blooms for Healthcare

“After decades serving our community to help make healthcare better for those we love we’re honoured to support a project we’re passionate about. Blooms for Healthcare not only beautifies our Healthcare facilities, it provides staff with a sense of pride and patients with the comforts of home. Thank you to the Foundation Donors for supporting Blooms for Healthcare, which provides beauty, character, new life and joy for so many residents, patients and staff.” – Ed Anderson
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Lloydminster Hospital Helipad

Thank you to the generous donors in our community our Helipad at the Lloydminster Hospital is ready for use. The impact it has on emergency services in our area is significant and could be a matter of life and death. We are honoured to have the support to make this project a reality.

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A Million Reasons Why

Thank you to all our donors who helped us raise a million dollars for a new CT scanner. Without your support, this would not have been possible!

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Pioneer House: Brick by Brick

Thanks to generous donors in our community the Pioneer House expansion was built, brick by brick. We love our seniors and are committed to providing them with the proper care in our community.

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