Who We Are

The Lloydminster Region Health Foundation is a not-for-profit community organization focused on supporting and improving healthcare within Lloydminster and around the region. The Foundation focuses on excellence and innovation in health services through many different projects, initiatives, scholarships, community funding, professional development, and more. The foundation is dedicated to creating awareness about available health services, forming beneficial community partnerships, promoting and being a catalyst for the implementation of the best healthcare practices through involving local stakeholders to ensure the biggest impact to all healthcare users in the region.

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Biggest Wins

  • 2020
  • The COVID-19 Emergency Fund was established in March 2020 upon the response to the initial wave of COVID-19. Through the Foundation the Hospital and local Healthcare facilities were provided with necessary PPE, isolation rooms, communication tools, and care packages. COVID-19 upgrades to the facilities include defibrillators, crash carts, lab equipment, lifts, portable oxygen machines, and more.
  • 2nd Annual Lloydminster Gift to Health Digital Stream raised a record-breaking $350,000 in just 12 hours thanks to incredible community donors. Assisting with the Hospital's Greatest Needs and Senior Care following the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • The Foundation alongside amazing donors and Border City Connects announced the introduction of a community ParaGolfer. A device allowing those unable to stand on their own to participate in many sports and other activities.
  • The Foundation was a Featured Speaker at the AHP International, the world's largest fundraising conference.
  • The Foundation accepted the 2020 Business of the Year Award and the 2020 Community Spirit Award on behalf of the Healthcare Community. This gesture was an act of celebration from the business community celebrating the incredible Healthcare workers from the area.
  • 2019
  • Never Give Up Mental Health Support Group is introduced to the community. Providing peer support for those struggling with mental health thanks to Project Sunrise.
  • Phase 1 & 2 Upgrades are completed to the Lloydminster Hospital Pharmaceutical system with introduction of Pyxis.
  • Connecting Parents Supporting Families is introduced to the community. The group focuses on providing peer support to parents and families in the region.
  • LRHF_Timeline_Icons__Project-Sunrise-1.png
    Project Sunrise introduces the Lloydminster Mental Health Navigation Tool to the community. A partnered project with the Lloydminster & Area Drug Strategy.
  • Game Plan is sponsored by Project Sunrise. Phase 1 introduced called “Sports Edition” which is a comprehensive mental health program that will assist athletes, coaches & team staff as well as parents & billets.
  • Never Give Up Mental Health Peer Support Group is introduced to the community by Richard Dixon. This group provides peer support for mental health disorders.
  • 2018
  • Local scholarship and professional development grant recipients receive over $40,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • Residents in Recovery opens in Lloydminster thanks to the support of generous donors from the Foundation. Programming focuses on addiction and mental health disorders.
  • Husky Energy announces the building of a heliport on their land adjacent to the hospital, bringing STARS Air Ambulance to our community and saving critical time during emergency medical transportation to bigger centres. Husky kicks off the campaign with a $90,000 donation, and partners with Musgrave Agencies and the Health Foundation to complete the campaign. Lloydminster Rotary Club commits $50,000.
  • New 160-slice CT Scanner purchased at Lloydminster Hospital for $1.2 million, with 50% from LRHF. The community raises the full $600,000 in one evening with a thank-you dinner on the top floor of the new Synergy Credit Union building and catered by Top Chef Canada winner Dale MacKay.
  • After a very successful ten years, the ‘Physician House’ comes to an end, with 24 family physicians recruited into our community, including 2 GP/ERP, 2 hospitalists, 2 surgical assistants, and 11 specialists. The house has provided accommodation for several locum physicians and provided as a short-term landing accommodation for newly recruited physicians. Physician recruitment continues to focus on specialist recruitment, with added emphasis placed on mental health professionals.
  • 2017
  • Local scholarship and professional development grant recipients receive over $24,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • The Government of Saskatchewan makes monumental change to restructure health authorities into one provincial authority, Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA). The Foundation joins ‘Saskatchewan Healthcare Foundations Network’ to work in conjunction with SHA for Lloydminster Region.
  • ‘Project Sunrise’, A Lloydminster Mental Health Initiative, is announced at the 2017 Gala and is initiated with a $100,000 donation by Richard and Barb Klinger. Celebrity mental health advocate Clara Hughes is brought in for a keynote presentation in the spring, kicking off the initiative.
  • 2016
  • Local scholarship recipients receive over $17,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • Thanks to generous donors from the Foundation, the Lloydminster Hospital receives a full upgrade of Endoscopes and Laparoscopes for acute care.
  • The Health Foundation partners with the Pioneer Lodge to fundraise $2 million for the $16 million dollar Pioneer House Expansion. This expansion adds 44 Level 4D continuing care beds to our community and significantly decreases wait time for continuing care beds in our community. This project also marks the first significant community fundraising project for the Foundation outside of Saskatchewan or Alberta health authorities.
  • Endoscopes & Laparoscopes are purchased for the Lloydminster Hospital thanks to the generous donors of the Health Foundation.
  • 2015
  • Local scholarship recipients receive over $14,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • LRHF announces that over 2.26 Million dollars was granted to the Region during the calendar year, including the following: $500,000 Opening of the Primary Health Care Centre $750,000 Maternity Department Upgrades for Special Care Nursery $233,000 Purchase of Cardiac Care Monitors $100,000 Purchase of Chemistry Analyzer $234,000 Automatic Pill Packaging Unit for Continuing Care
  • Richard and Barb Klinger donate $100,000 to the Re-development of the Lloydminster Hospital Second Phase of the Heartbeat of the Community Program – Safety for Kids is announced where by children ages ten years and older will be provided free “home alone” safety programming.
  • 2014
  • Local scholarship recipients receive over $23,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • Lloydminster Kinsmen Foundation commits $245,000 for the purchase of an orthopedic C- Arm which completes the fundraising commitment to the establishment of an Orthopedic program at the Lloydminster Hospital.
  • The Foundation announces new “Heartbeat of the Community” Initiative and provides 30 AED Units to the Lloydminster Region, as an enhanced emergency life saving measure.
  • The Foundation hosts of the Hartnell MacArthur Holtby Celebrity Golf Classic which raised $600,000 for the community through its efforts.
  • The Health Foundation and Prairie North Health Authority unveil enhanced Palliative Unit at Lloydminster Hospital, with three updated rooms.
  • 2013
  • Local scholarship and professional development grant recipients receive over $37,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • The orthopedics surgical department receives $375,000 for equipment upgrades.
  • Husky celebrates 75 years in Lloydminster and makes corresponding $75,000 dollar donation to the Foundation for Pediatrics program
  • Dialysis Unit gets 5 new chairs with community support
  • 2012
  • Local scholarship recipients receive over $27,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • The Foundation moves its administrative offices to the new Prairie North Plaza in downtown Lloydminster situated at 4910 – 50th Street
  • Heart Health Initiative total funds raised $450,000 to ensure prevention and management of Heart Disease Programs
  • Mammography Unit completion, funds committed $500,000 to ensure breast cancer screening for Lloydminster region residents. Funds paid for the acquisition of a digital mammography unit and ensured specialized education for technicians
  • 2011
  • Local scholarship and professional development grant recipients receive over $35,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • The Foundation donates $240,000 to the Dr. Cooke Extended Care Centre to upgrade equipment.
  • Lloydminster Emergency Room Upgrades undertaken to create additional space and operating efficiency including the addition of digital screening Mammography, total funds raised by Foundation donors of $1,000,000.
  • As of April 2011, LRHF supported the Recruitment of 6 new family doctors, 4 new specialists to the Lloydminster Region
  • 2010
  • Local scholarship recipients receive over $17,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • The Lucky Lloyd Lottery sells out for the first time in Foundation history. Net revenues exceed $207,000.
  • The Emergency Department Expansion for Lloydminster Hospital is announced, which includes the addition of digital screening Mammography for our community.
  • Pre-2010
  • 2009

    Local scholarship and professional development recipients receive over $25,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • 2009

    Installation of the brand new Track Lifting system at the Dr. Cooke Extended Care Centre begins, beginning with 26 private rooms and 2 shared resident room and an initial investment of almost $340,000 by generous foundation donors.
  • 2009

    The Endoscopy Department project on the 2nd floor of Lloydminster Hospital is completed, with high-tech scopes and sanitization station, as well as a newly retro-fit Patient Lounge. Over 1,500 endoscopy exams were performed in the first year.
  • 2008

    Local scholarship recipients receive over $15,000 thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors.
  • 2008

    Thanks to donor generosity, the Community Cancer Centre in Lloydminster Hospital underwent a complete rejuvenation, including brand new, high-tech equipment, cupboards, décor, paint, and more, making the space more comfortable and home-like for those patients receiving Chemotherapy treatments locally.
  • 2006

    The addition of a 16-Slice CT Scanner to Lloydminster Hospital mean patients from Lloydminster and surrounding areas now have access this important service thanks to generous Foundation donors.
  • 2005

    The foundation receives national recognition by the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy as the annual Gala receives 1st place standing for Special Events.
  • 2005

    The “Health First…It’s Everything!” capital campaign is launched, the largest campaign to date. A $6 million goal will help fund the Lloydminster Hospital expansion, CT scanner, Long-term Care needs, and staff education.
  • 2001

    On August 32, 2001, the Chemo Room at the Lloydminster Hospital was officially recognized by both provinces as a “Community Cancer Centre.” Strong community support through the Foundation has made many positive enhancements to the area of Cancer Care in the community.
  • 2000

    The Lloydminster Region Health Foundation their first annual Health Foundation Gala featuring Jann Arden.
  • 1999

    In 1999 the Foundation Board of Directors made the decision to be more pro-active about raising money for healthcare to meet community needs. They hired Elmer Nykiforuk as the first staff member.
  • 1997

    In 1997 the new Chemo Room was opened on the second floor of the Lloydminster Hospital. Patients receiving Chemotherapy prior to this date received their treatment in the Emergency room.
  • 1996

    In 1966 the Lloydminster Region Hospital Foundation changed the scope of fundraising to include the Dr. Cooke Extended Care Centre, the Jubilee Home, and Community Health Services changing their name from the Lloydminster Hospital Foundation to the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation.
  • 1994

    On May 10, 1994, the Ophthalmology Unit opened with 9 patients receiving surgery on it’s first day. The morning of May 11 these 9 patients had their follow-up visit with Dr. Kutzner which was the first major clinic held. The Hospital Foundation and its donors committed up to $68,000 per year as seed money for this service.
  • 1993

    On June 18, 1993, the Foundation received it’s first Gift in Will from Arthur Tildesley in the amount of $278,000. These funds were treated as an endowment for 2 years before being placed as “Surplus Assets” and held with the rest of the foundation investment pool.
  • 1992

    The Dialysis program began at Lloydminster Hospital in 1992, with community donations to support start-up and ongoing costs of the program.
  • 1992

    Laparoscopic surgery became a reality at Lloydminster Hospital. An initial investment of $150,000 was donated to purchase state of the art equipment. The Palliative Care Program began with an initial investment of $4,800 by the Hospital Foundation.
  • 1989

    The Physician Recruitment Committee formed in 1989. The foundation put aside $200,000 for the recruitment of specialists to serve the Lloydminster area.
  • 1988

    The new Lloydminster Hospital opens on June 24, 1988 with new furniture and equipment thanks to the generous donations of Foundation donors.
  • 1983

    The Lloydminster Hospital Foundation is incorporated on November 23, 1983.
  • The beginning...

Major Events

Health Foundation Gala

The Annual Gala is one of Lloydminster’s longest-standing fundraisers beginning with a small group of donors in 2000. With over $3,000,000 raised over the last 19 years, this themed evening features live entertainment, an elegant meal, and more. All attendees look forward to this event each fall.

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Lloydminster’s Gift to Health

Lloydminster Region Health Foundation hosts their Digital Live Stream “Lloydminster’s Gift to Health” each winter to support many urgent health-related needs for the community. In just 2 years, at 12 hours each, the Health Foundation has raised more than $400,000 thanks to the incredibly inspiring community we live in.

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Boundary Battle on the Border

This event is planned and sponsored in partnership with Boundary Ford. Starting in 2019, this event has already raised $100,000 for Project Sunrise and mental health programming in our region. Featuring NHL Alumni and Canada’s favourite game, this is a great community event for everyone to enjoy.

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