Project Sunrise:

A Mental Health Initiative

There is help. There is hope.
Let’s all wake up tomorrow to another sunrise.

Our region has experienced an epidemic of mental health concerns including a rise in stress-related illnesses and an alarming number of suicides. As a community, we can, and we must do a better job of addressing and seeking solutions to this crisis. Our solution is Project Sunrise. Project Sunrise builds up mental health capacity and resources in the Lloydminster community to ensure that every resident has the hope for another sunrise


Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

Nido Qubein

Major Projects

Mental Health and Addictions Evening Program

We’ve assisted Mental Health and Addiction Services in the community by expanding their services hours to now include evenings. In addition to being open weekdays from, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, mental health services can now be accessed on weekday evenings from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Mental Health Video Series

We’ve had the opportunity to share mental health stories from our community, breaking the stigma, and getting the conversation started about the importance of mental health for individuals and the available resources in the community

Border City Connects: Paragolpher

By providing additional services and activities for disabled persons in our community, we improve their mental health and well-being.

Hospital Staff Yoga

This unique opportunity was promoted to Lloydminster Hospital staff who work in a stressful environment as well to take some time to themselves and decompress even if they must go back to work.

Lloyd Needs Assessment

To address the challenge presented by mental health the Needs Assessment for our region was crucial to review our services, review our service providers, and finding out our community needs. The assessment painted a picture of a community hit hard by the economic downtown with residents struggling to succeed against a variety of different frustrations and paved a way forward for Project Sunrise

Lloydminster Mental Health Navigation Tool in association with Lloydminster Area Drug Strategy

This custom mental health tool was made specifically with our community in mind and is one of the first of its kind in the country. The tool was developed so individuals could find assistance in taking charge of their mental health and/or substance use, joining us on the journey to wellness

Lloydminster Interval Home Nutrition Program

The fuel you put in your body directly affects the function of your brain. Through the Interval Home,we can provide nutritional information for mothers and children so they can focus on the nutrients that can provide them the best mental health when undergoing a crisis

Residents in Recovery

They champion the cause of individuals marginalized by mental health and addiction issues, by providing judgment-free access to a safe, supportive, and therapeutic recovery environment

Professional Development

Frontline staff in the region have received specialized mental health education. This professional development has assisted staff in identifying and addressing mental health issues and disorders.

Mental Health Beds

By providing beds, patients receive the best care possible in healing from a mental health disorder receiving educational programs, professional healthcare, and more

Never Give Up Mental Health Peer Support Group

This weekly support group is designed to bring the community members living with mental health disorders together to promote wellness, encourage each other, and improve their quality of life in the community by aiding and fostering independence

School Resource Officers

This unique program through Lloydminster Catholic School Divison and Lloydminster Public School Division provides greater safety to students and staff, as well as foster relationships between the youth and police


We are proud to offer to fund students in the field of Mental Health.

Game Plan: Sports Edition

A fantastic new comprehensive mental health program that assists athletes, coaches, and team staff as well as parents and billets to learn about mental health and substance use. Course participants build skills to enhance their mental health well-being and manage stress, learn how to recognize warning signs and support someone who is experiencing poor mental health or a substance use problem, and the training guides them where to go for support and resources

Community Groups & Resources

Lloydminster Mental Health Navigation Tool

The Lloydminster Mental Health Navigation Tool was developed to help you take charge of your mental health and/or substance use in order to support your journey to wellness. It will help you navigate the resources and supports available in our community for mental health and/or substance use problems. The tool will guide you to useful information and resources that provide strategies to help manage stress and difficult emotions; practical ideas on how to build your resilience so you can cope with life’s challenges and move forward from difficult times.

Living Well: Practices for Everyday Well-being

Through a partnership with Project Sunrise and the Thorpe Recovery Centre, The Nest Project Educators are offering practices based on positive psychology research that you can begin using immediately, whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Through their programs, they will introduce you to wellness practices that may be new to you or that may build on your current practices. At The Nest Project, they encourage positive change in an environment built on connection and compassion.

Never Give Up Mental Health Peer Support Group

Never Give Up was created to serve as a means of light in the dark. In life, we need friends, colleagues, and goodwill to help change ourselves for the better. It’s in this group that Richard hopes to create this opportunity for everyone who participates. This weekly support group is designed to bring the community members living with a mental health disorder together to promote wellness, encourage each other, and improve quality of life in the community by aiding and fostering independence. When we start our mental health journey, we all come from a different place; with a different perspective. It is important to recognize and honour that. We focus on the importance of trying, accepting reasonable risks, and remaining positive. After all, it’s not that life isn’t hard or it won’t knock you down – it’s a matter of getting back on your feet and never giving up.

Connecting Parents Supporting Families

A support group for parents to learn techniques that will help navigate their children’s life challenges and common struggles. The purpose is to create a community of caring parents to support, teach, and learn from each other through the challenging journey of parenthood.

Game Plan: A Playbook for Mental Health

Game Plan is a comprehensive mental health program that will assist athletes, coaches & team staff as well as parents & billets to learn about mental health, mental illness and substance use. To build their skills to enhance their mental well-being and manage stress. To recognize the warning signs & support someone who is experiencing a mental health or substance problem. Game Plan will create the foundation for our young athletes and the adults who support them to develop their personal game plan for positive mental & physical well-being.