Project Sunrise

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Project Sunrise

A Lloydminster Region Health Foundation Mental Healthcare Project


In 2014, the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation made the commitment to add mental health as a critcal component within the Foundation’s fundraising programs. Over the past three years, the need has increased as our region is experiencing an epidemic of mental health concerns including a rise in stress-related illnesses and an alarming number of suicides.

One of the challenges associated with being a bi-provincial service area is the lack of clarity regarding services offered, assessing gaps in programming, and ultimately,  who holds responsibility for basic needs as well as enhancements. To help address this challenge, the Health Foundation commissioned an extensive Mental Health Needs Assessment for our region including a review of current services, service providers, and patients’ needs. Enhancing mental healthcare services is possible; however, we need to start with the knowledge of what is currently offered, and most importantly, understand if citizens know where to go when they need help.

Initial results of the Mental Health Needs Assessment (dubbed “Lloyd Needs”) survey tells us 8 in 10 people in our community have been affected by mental health concerns, whether individually or through a loved one. Let that statistic settle in for a moment.

As a community, we can and we must do a better job of addressing and collectively seeking solutions to this crisis. One of these solutions is the creation of Project Sunrise.

The goal of Project Sunrise is to build a one million dollar endowment fund that will ensure every resident in our community has hope to see another sunrise. Alongside key stakeholders, partners, and healthcare professionals, we will continue to seek, learn and identify the current needs of our community regarding mental health enhancements in Lloydminster and surrounding region. Project Sunrise will be innovative and sustainable. We will work diligently at bringing community services together to create the best approach to mental wellness, respected both provincially and nationally. Project Sunrise will combine the findings of the Lloyd Needs survey with the best programs across the country, ultimately creating a right-sized, customized program that will offer those currently in darkness hope for themselves and their loved ones.

Our goal is to build a million-dollar endowment that will ensure the project goals can be met, sustained and developed not just for today, but for tomorrow.  Ensuring that every resident of our community has the hope for another sunrise.