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Join us for a captivating and uplifting talk featuring Dr. Jody Carrington, the renowned psychologist, best-selling author, and masterful public speaker, alongside Tyler Smith, a survivor of the 2017-2018 Humboldt Broncos hockey team bus crash and mental health advocate. Prepare to be inspired as they passionately and humorously discuss resilience, burnout, mental health, leadership, grief, and trauma, highlighting the transformative power of reconnection in addressing life’s most profound challenges. Witness Tyler Smith’s personal relationship with strength and struggle as he shares his mental health journey, aiming to inspire and connect with others on their own healing paths. In this unforgettable show, we’ll learn that we are wired to conquer the hardest of situations, but it is in unity that we find true bravery and healing. Don’t miss this extraordinary experience of shared courage and growth.