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The Lloydminster Region Health Foundation is largely funded through individuals and not corporations as I thought it would have been prior to joining the board. Learning this, and seeing the impact they’re able to make to our community, I wanted to make a difference that would impact many lives for generations to come.

I spoke with my financial advisor and through the process I was able to leave a sum to the Foundation without impacting my current retirement plan, or what I wish to leave my family with. It was a win/win situation.

Darrel Howell
Health Foundation Board Member

Gift in Will

Legacy gifts are the simplest and most satisfying way to ensure one’s lifetime efforts and convictions have a lasting impact. A gift to the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation written into your will can be put to work immediately or held and invested in an endowment fund of your choice with only the income used to advance the mission of the Health Foundation for generations to come.

Your gift can be in any dollar amount and may include the assignment of almost any other assets. Endowments can be created in your name or the name of your choosing.

Knowing that I can make a significant impact in the healthcare industry for my community is inspiring. Not only will this benefit my family but also potentially thousands more. That’s certainly a legacy I’d like to leave!

Rob Saunders
Health Foundation Board Member

Ways to Give

A Gift of Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder allows you to support a cause you are passionate about, while still providing reliable funds for you and your heirs.

Gift of Property Ownership

This could be real estate, personal property, stocks and bonds, etc.

Charitable Life Insurance

Transfer your life insurance policy to the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation.

In-Life Charitable Contributions

Make a difference today.

Kitty Goodfellow

Legacy Donor

Without generous donations, from people like Kitty, the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation could not enhance healthcare in our community the way we do today.

Because of her legacy gift, the Health Foundation is able to provide ongoing training and professional development to nurses and medical staff as well as scholarships to those studying in the medical field.